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Enjoy a feature-rich
AI experience

Take a brief look at some of the most important features
that come with every solution we develop.

Built Around You

Every solution is engineered with your unique challenges and processes at the core, ensuring a perfect fit for your business needs.


Whether you're expanding your operations, increasing your customer base, or diversifying your product offerings, we got you covered.

Maximal Efficiency

Our focus? Your team's peak performance. We target interventions and streamlined processes, we're your partners in productivity.

Knowledge Base

Assistants are trained using your data to enhance their responses and perform all assignments in a manner that suits you.

Ensured Security

Because cyber threats are always present, our approach to developing AI Assistants is based on strict security procedures.

Quick Turnaround

Rapid turnaround time, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition. Experience efficiency like never before.

You don't have to choose between
cost, time and quality

Break free from the constraints of the triple dilemma, unlocking endless possibilities.


Tasks processed daily
Over 10,000 tasks processed on a daily basis witnessing a rich and various spectrum of interactions.


Average cost savings
Calculation based on an average wage of $13 per hour for a human agent
with the same task.


Standard task duration
Each step is executed with utmost accuracy and speed. This results in less time consumption.

They said this
about us

Hear the good, the bad, and the ugly of Plima.

"I've been using this voice agent for the past three months and it has absolutely transformed my workflow. Perfect solution for our call line to be online 24/7."
Profile picture of our Client Stacie Ward from Visiq.

Stacie Ward

Product Manager @  Visiq

"The sense of security this chatbot provides is beyond expectations. I feel assured that my data is not being misused. "
Profile picture of our Client Wes Alvarado from Bytech

Wes Alvarado

Training Specialist @ Bytech

"Partnering with Plima has been a strategic move for Hitech, bringing efficiency to our customer interactions. Their voice assistant is not only innovative but also incredibly user-friendly, aligning perfectly with our service standards."
Profile picture of our ClientJulianne Oconnor from Hitec Solutions.

Julianne Oconnor

CMO @ Hitech Solutions

"In my opinion, the highlight of this chatbot is its multi-conversation feature. Handling multiple conversations simultaneously has never been easier. Highly recommended."
Profile picture of our Client Ben Cantu from TecLab.

Ben Cantu

CEO @ TecLab

"The responsiveness of this Ai is fantastic. It's like having a real colleague who never sleeps. Also, the knowledge base is a bonus. It makes learning and working so much more enjoyable!"
Profile picture of our Client Olivia Green from CreativeMinds

Olivia Green

Recruiter @ CreativeMinds

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Basic chat features
AI Agent on call line.
Access to all AI Solutions
Interaction Capabilities
Text-based Interactions
Voice-based Interactions
Multilingual Support
Integration with Voice Platforms
Integration with Messaging Apps
Integration with CRM Systems
Speech Recognition
Voice Synthesis
Automation and Efficiency
Automation of Repetitive Tasks
Predictive Analytics
Intelligence and Understanding
Natural Language Understanding
Personalized Responses
Contextual Understanding
Sentiment Analysis
Continuous Learning